We are .....
We are Karin and Steven van Viersen. We have lived, with our four sonsn in the beautiful province Groningen in a very small town called Alteveer. We lived in a farm with a wonderful piece of land.
But now we have started a new adventure and have started a dog/cat pension in Zeeland. You can find the pension at www.dierenpensionzeeland.nl

We started breeding with the Kuvasz. After a few years we decided we wanted to start breeding a smaller breed. After a long search we closed the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen in our hearts. We like the GBGV's so much that we stopped breeding Kuvasz. In 2015 we started with the Basset Fauve de Bretagne.

We now have several own bred GBGV as well as imported GBGV's from England, France and Croatia. Our BFDB's come from Portugal, France and Germany.

In 2004 we started a course KK-I (Kynological Knowledge I), to improve our knowledge of dogs. We passed the exams in july 2005. In September 2005 we started the KK-II course and in June 2006 we passed the exams. After that we got our Judge diploma on Exterior and Movement.

In 2009 we got our first GBGV Litter. We were so proud!

Also we visit dogshows in the Netherlands and surrounding countries because of our interest in the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen and as said, to show our dogs. 

We are members of the Griffon Vendéen Rasvereniging Netherlands and the Dutch Basset Fauve Club.

We want .....

         We want to breed a litter occasionally for the real Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen lover. Because we try to improve our knowledge and experience by for example the course KK-I, KK-II and the Judge Training Exterior and Movement, we hope to offer you a well educated and healthy puppy which grows up in and around our home. Of course we are willing to advice and support you in taking care of your dog.

          We have 3 important aims in breeding: “Health, Character and Wellbeing”. A Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen is affectionate towards the family and gets along well with children (as long as he’s been imprinted and socialized properly).

The puppy's are born in our living room. After 3 weeks we bring them into contact with the world outside of that living room. While they are with us they can stay inside or go outside. We have a very lively family and specially when we have puppy's we have a lot of visitors. So the puppy's are very social towards people. Also we own other animals like cats and dogs which the puppy's can meet. We try to get the puppy's as house-trained as possible before they go to their new homes.

We like to bring the pedigree to you when it comes in and cuddle the pup one more time.

We reside .....


Our address is: 
Langeweg 2, 
4571 RL Axel, 

Our telephonenumber is:  
00 31 (0) 115 - 850 428

Our mobilenumber is:
00 31 (0)6-26 530 247